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Responsibility for people and the environment


The REAFINA AG and its staff attach great importance to the sustainable use of resources, committing to protect them for us and our environment. We make our contribution to various projects and do our best to give something back

Stiftung Mittagskinder (Kids Lunch Foundation): A hot meal doesn’t just fill your tummy!

Stiftung Mittagskinder

We want to create better opportunities for children to develop their personalities and shape the course of their lives.

This is precisely the goal of the foundation, Stiftung Mittagskinder. That is why we are happy to support them!

With their child protection award, HELDENHERZ (Heart of a hero), Stiftung Mittagskinder wants to continually draw public attention to children’s rights.

This particularly applies to the right of all children to an upbringing free of violence and protected from all forms of physical and mental abuse.

E-mobility for our fleet

E-Mobilität - unsere Fahrzeuge

The responsible use of vital resources is also close to our hearts.

For this reason we have decided to change our fleet to electric cars.

We also provide three charging stations for our staff.

Child care during COVID-19


The school closures were a real trial for many parents.

Therefore, we set up a company childcare facility straight away – as we also wanted to express our appreciation for our staff.

Without further ado, our conference room was turned into a play and learning room.

Throughout the working day our children sang, played and did handicrafts together with a qualified childminder.

Raised beds for more space to grow

Gewürze im großen Hochbeet

Our neighbouring day-care centre has no garden of its own and very little outdoor space.

That is why we have provided them with raised beds in our garden so that they can grow vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Now these “city kids” can learn first hand about the cycle of nature: sowing, tending and harvesting food that they can cook and eat themselves!

This little city oasis is also a lovely place for our staff to relax.

Bee project REAbee

REAbee Bienenprojekt Biene in Wabe

Welcome – our busy helpers have now moved in as subtenants.

More information about our bees on the roof is available here.

You can read up on the honey start-up and both of the founders in this article. It’s buzzing busy with us now …

more on bee-rent.de

Kiva - Loans that changes lives


Loans that changes lives.

We envision a world in which all people have the power to give themselves and others a chance.

Kiva is an international non-profit-organisation, founded in 2005 and based in San Francisco. Its goal is to connect people by granting loans in order to combat poverty. We celebrate and support people who would like to establish a better future for themselves, their families and their unions.

more on kiva.org